Our History

ICM.S means Excellence!


Partner #1 on SAP Ariba & SAP Business ByDesign

ICM.S awarded as best Partner on SAP Ariba & SAP Business ByDesign solutions during the SAP Kick Off Partner for the ability to launch the value of the SAP solution on the market within the defined time frame.



Partner #1 on SAP Italia Kick Off Partners

ICM.S awarded as Partner #1 for Electronic Invoicing to SAP Italia Kick Off Partners, thanks to the great commitment in proposing standard SAP solutions in this field.

United VARs confirms itself as SAP Partner #1 at Global level for the SME market and Cloud

ICM.S reorganizes itself internally to take care of over 300 active customers and over 200 professional resources on which it can count on


BEST IN CLASS at Kick Off Partners

ICM.S awarded as BEST IN CLASS at Kick Off Partners.

ICM.S awarded Customer Engagement & Commerce SAP EMEA South Excellent Award..



EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017

ICM.S awarded EMEA Partner Excellence Award 2017 for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Pinnacle Award 2017 as Partner of the Year.


SAP S/4HANA Champion

Another year of growth and success: ICM.S ranks first among SAP partners for sales and receives the 2016 SAP S/4HANA Champion Award for its leading position in the adoption of innovative solutions from the SAP portfolio.



SAP Global VAR

2015 is for ICM.S a year of strong growth and further success on the market. It is recognized the leadership as SAP operator in Italy for the results achieved in 2014: SAP VAR of the Year 2014. Moreover, thanks to the collaboration with United VARs LLP, ICM.S acquires the title of SAP Global VAR, a title reserved only to the ten most important SAP operators worldwide.


Top Performer Partner

ICM.S is the Top Performer Partner for the commitment and results achieved in 2013 in the categories "Net New Name 2013" and "INNOVATION 2013 (BA/Mobility/D&T)".



Innovation Top Performer SAP Partner

2013 confirms ICM.S as SAP Partner and sees a growing commitment to Business Analytics and all areas of SAP Innovation (HANA, Mobility).

There is no lack of positive results already in the first half of the year: for SAP Italy, ICM.S is the Top Performer, due to its commitment and the results obtained in Q1 2013 both in the "Innovation" and "New Name" categories.

The same result is repeated in Q2: ICM.S is recognized as Top Performer in the "New Name" and "Indirect Revenue" categories. In the mid-year VAR Meeting SAP, an event dedicated to Italian Partners, ICM.S was placed at the top on two occasions: 1st place for Performance (volume of license sales) and 1st place for Net New Names (new customers acquired).


SAP Partner Center of Expertise

Awarded at the "Best Performance Challange" 2012, ICM.S is strongly committed to the development of its business and structure in the areas of Milan, Bologna and Florence and projects a turnover of over 20 million Euros with over 120 employees.

Certified as "Partner Center of Expertise" for the provision of maintenance on SAP software, it has over one hundred active support contracts and important customers throughout Italy.

Over the weekend of 28-30 September, it celebrates its fifteenth birthday with a celebratory event in Punta Ala (GR) together with its collaborators and partners.

At the end of the year the turnover is over 22 million Euros and SAP recognizes ICM.S the title of "Best Revenues Increment" for 2012.



SAP Partner with specialization for LoB (Line of Business)

ICM.S is aligned to the new paradigm of development of the SAP offer with the offer of "fast start" solutions and specialization for LoB (Line of Business).

ICM.S participates in the foundation of United VARs LLP, an international network of SAP Gold Partners to guarantee collaboration and support on an international scale.

The results of ICM.S confirm the growth in turnover of over 18.8 million Euros, while the group reaches 38.9 million Euros with the "core" companies and 42.1 million Euros with the other shareholdings.


Best performance Partner

The partnership policy leads to the participation of ICM.S in Regesta (Brescia), the co-founding of Diligent (Milan) and Fast Start (Padua), the development of the collaboration with Talea (Bologna).

ICM.S's turnover returns to almost 18 million Euros and that of the group as a whole exceeds 35 million Euros, absorbing the crisis of 2009.

ICM.S is awarded by SAP Italia as Best Performance Partner.



SAP Gold Partner & Executive Council EMEA

The Ethica Group and ICM.S launch the "Win Together" program to promote synergy between the companies and the global offer to the client. Collaboration and specialization are a strong reaction to the rather heavy economic situation. ICM.S strengthens the Bologna unit and expands the "Application Maintenance" offer.

"On the eve of recovery, let's build the future together" is the seminar organized on December 10th in Padua together with SAP and HP for customers and prospects, with a qualified intervention by Prof. Giorgio Brunetti.

ICM.S is the Gold Partner of reference in Italy and joins the SAP Partner Executive Council EMEA representing Italy.


Foundation year and former SAP Business Partner and Value Added Reseller

On 1st August 1997 ICM.S S.r.l. was established in Treviso.

Promoters and founding members are Ilio Sanguin and Massimo De Nardo, with the participation of a local software house.

ICM.S is immediately certified as Business Partner and Value Added Reseller SAP



First ERP SAP license sold

The first SAP ERP license is sold and, with the support of ICM Italia, the first customers are acquired for consulting services and implementation projects.

The software house leaves the company.

At the end of the year, ICM.S had a turnover of almost three billion lire and twenty-five qualified resources.


Participation in Altevie Technologies

In the meeting of the ICM group in Stresa, ICM.S projects 8 billion lire in turnover and the affirmation as an important SAP operator in the North-East.

As part of the development of ICM.S, the participation in Altevie Technologies and the entry of Diego Bandolin as a new partner.



The growth of ICM.S continues

Success in the sale of SAP licenses and consolidation in services. Reorganisation of internal organisation and relations with the ICM group. Relocation to the new headquarters in Villorba (TV).

Key role of Ilio Sanguin, Diego Bandolin and Alessandro Brunello in development, delivery and innovation.


SAP Customer Satisfaction Award

Despite the crisis that followed 11 September, the evolution of the SAP offer and ICM.S's growth model for "skills, industries and geographies" bring turnover to 12 billion lire. Customers increase and ICM.S is awarded by SAP Italia with the Customer Satisfaction Award.



ICM.S develops and certifies mySAP solutions

With the claim: "The power of ideas, the pleasure of realising them", ICM.S develops and certifies various mySAP solutions for small and medium enterprises and exceeds eight million Euros in turnover with around fifty employees.

On 26 July, the first five years of ICM.S are celebrated with an unforgettable evening in a Venetian villa in the Treviso area under the banner of "Gimme five".


New phase of development with Ethica Consulting

June 19, 2003 marks the release from the ICM group and the start of a new phase of development of ICM.S within Ethica Consulting, the parent company set up by Ilio Sanguin, Diego Bandolin and Alessandro Brunello and then open to other strategic partners.

Reorganization with ICM.S focusing on SAP ERP (mySAP Business Suite), Altevie Technologies on SAP platform and technology, Espedia on SAP PLM.



Award mySAP all-In-One

Despite the economic crisis, ICM.S continues to distinguish itself among SAP partners and is awarded the mySAP all-In-One Award for "Sales performance" and "New Customer Acquisition".

ICM.S participates in the launch of SAP Business One.


Opening of the Agrate Brianza (MI) headquarters

The acquisition of important projects and the launch of new partnerships give new impetus to growth. Opening of the Agrate Brianza (MI) headquarters and results of ICM.S that exceed 9 million Euro.

The press reports ICM.S as the main SAP operator in the Northeast and an important reference at national and international level.



Commercial enhancement

Standardization of the Ethica Group in terms of structure, governance and go-to-market. Commercial expansion with inclusion on the Board of Giorgio Di Lorenzo and acquisition of the first application resources in Rome.

A jump in turnover exceeding 12 million Euro with +32% compared to 2005, while the group exceeds 23 million Euro with almost two hundred employees.


ICM.S celebrates ten years of activity

On July 20th, at the Golf Club of Asolo, ICM.S celebrates ten years of activity. On October 12 in Padua the first Customer Meeting with speeches by Prof. Giorgio Brunetti, SAP and HP management on the theme of ICT innovation for companies.

The image adopted by the group is the success story of "la murrina", a particular product of Murano that, by fusing together different elements of glass, creates a harmonious ensemble of rare beauty.

The growth trend continues, with almost 16 million Euro turnover and seventy employees. Inauguration of the operative and commercial headquarters in Padua.



SAP Netweaver & Extended ERP development

While "la murrina" is declined in organizational model (from autonomy to synergy), the innovation introduced by SAP Netweaver and Extended ERP affects the whole group.

ICM.S continues to grow in the small and medium enterprise market, as well as in international projects and roll-outs. First resources at the Bologna Castelmaggiore headquarters.


ICM.S drives digital transformation in the enterprise