ICM.S is a reference partner for Chemical - Pharmaceutical projects, implementing advanced technologies that make business processes more traceable, smart and innovative.


Strategy & Technology

The chemical-pharmaceutical sector must continuously re-imagine its business in order to remain competitive and take advantage of the opportunities offered by Digital Transformation.

Digitization is redefining the industry, not in the way customers interact with the brand and logistics processes, but in the way employees complete their activities. The challenge is to provide real-time information across the entire supply chain and using all channels, while improving products, solutions and operational efficiency.

Customization is an imperative, in order to provide not only rapid information, but appropriate according to the needs of the moment. On the other hand, supply chains must be able to respond to ever smaller quantities of production and meet the need for customization.

Products can also be extended to include ongoing services, enabling new business models for pharmaceutical companies. Over the next few years, technology will make it possible to automate even more complicated repetitive tasks in order to free up time and resources for value-added activities.

In this scenario, companies have the opportunity to transform themselves and offer even more challenging jobs.
SAP supports pharmaceutical companies on their path to "the smart business.

The intelligent suite for chemical-pharmaceutical companies is a set of business applications that use intelligent technologies and allow traceability across all business processes.

This allows for next-generation business scenarios and brings great value to the company.

ICM.S's skills in the chemical-pharmaceutical process, successfully demonstrated in numerous SAP solution implementation projects, are important elements that qualify ICM.S on the Italian and international markets.

What are ICM.S's experiences in the Chemical & Pharma sector?

  • Complete SAP ERP implementation projects
  • Business Intelligence projects
  • CRM implementation projects
  • Implementation of the Electronic Batch Record
  • Dispensing
  • Physical warehouse optimization projects
  • Advanced production control
  • Optimization of production planning
  • Application and system support services

Help your company transform and compete in the new economy of experience.

ICM.S provides solutions that bring together all the company's know-how gained in over twenty years of projects and SAP's Best Practices in the specific sector.

Working closely with SAP's International Business Units also ensures the constant alignment of its proposals to the new features of the reference releases for the sector issued by SAP.

ICM.S is able to assist the customer globally in the acquisition and start-up of SAP solutions, guiding you in the path of innovation and operational excellence within and beyond the company boundaries.

Do you want to find out how to turn your company into an intelligent company?

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