The Certified Solution of ICM.S

ICM.S Simple4HR is a suite of applications developed in collaboration with SAP OEM that includes advanced HR functionality, local tax compliance, integration capabilities to different systems (SAP and non-SAP), help desk and advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities; all accessible via web interface.

The "HR4You" portal provides a technical help desk for first level support : implemented using and integrating SugarCRM, an open source product.

The suite is developed using open standards such as OData and open source elements such as MySQL for the central repository database and Apache for basic functionality and web presentation.

Simple4HR provides a personalized service, a one-to-one experience and continuous collaboration for the end user in all aspects of the HR world, hence the name of the main portal, "HR4You".


A web-based "HR4You" portal, from which users access to view consolidated data (from different HR/ERP systems) and typical HR information related to human resources management processes.

For example: at what point are they at in their performance review process, how many hours they have achieved in/out for a certain period, the number of vacation days used/remaining, etc..

In addition: 

  • "HR4You" has mobile iOS applications, both for technical support and functional support.
  • The "HR4You" portal offers the possibility to plan/define configurations and processes that can then be enabled in SuccessFactors.

Simple4HR integrates with various SAP and non SAP systems to access data related to Time & Attendance, Travel Management, Core HR and Performance Management (SuccessFactors) processes.

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